Phoodie’s culinary obsession began when she was just three years of age. Cooking, recipe writing and eating, with both her Greek and Lebanese grandmothers, comprise her fondest childhood memories.After graduating from high school, Phoodie decided to study Architecture and Interior Design in Sydney and California, and was employed in the industry for several years. She enjoyed her work but ALWAYS knew her passion, Food, is where she would ‘end up’. A move to London in 2009 was the catalyst she needed to throw caution to the wind and enrol in the world famous Le Cordon Bleu cookery school. Upon her course completion, she worked with some of the UK and Europe’s top chefs assisting them in the classes they ran.Phoodie is a Cookbook, Restaurant, Supermarket and Coconut obsessed blogger and mum of two. She lives in Sydney, Australia. Phoodie can be found on Facebook here, Instagram here and she tweets here. Phoodie is a regular contributor to Australia’s largest women’s website, Mamamia