This summer, Australians can keep the bugs at bay the smarter way with a new labelling initiative from Australian Natural Pyrethrins ®.


From December, look for the ‘daisy mark’ to find pest control products that use the 100 per cent natural active ingredient, pyrethrins, extracted from Australian grown pyrethrum daisies.


“As we do with food, it’s important to pay attention to labels on insect control products that we use in and around our homes and gardens, and which may come into contact with children and animals,” said Sam Folder from Australian Natural Pyrethrins®.

“Many consumers wanting a more natural alternative don’t inspect insecticide product labels or give consideration to the active ingredients that power the product.


“Instead we find there is a tendency to be influenced by things like packaging colours and label claims that draw attention to fragrances which only serve to mask the smell of the chemical insecticides that really make the products work,” added Mr Folder.


The power of the pyrethrum flower is trusted by consumers and pest control professionals all over the world. Offering effective control of problem insects including mosquitos, flies, fleas, moths, ants, spiders, cockroaches, headlice and garden bugs; pyrethrins has low mammalian toxicity[1]and degrades in sunlight leaving no lasting pesticide residues[2], which will come as welcome news for families and their pets.


Sustainably grown by Australian farming families for almost three decades, Australia is now the world’s leading producer of this natural insecticide active. Supplying more than two-thirds of current world demand, Australian Natural Pyrethrins® is used in a wide range of insect control products in North America, Europe, Asia and throughout the world.


Used in more sensitive environments including insect control in food processing, protected cropping and organic farming[3], the ANP mark now makes it easy to identify insect control products containing this naturally effective active ingredient extracted from flowers.

Pyrethrins are used in many consumer insect control products in Australia including:


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  • [3] Pyrethrins active ingredient is authorised for use in organic production in the European Union under Regulation (EC) No 889/2008. In the USA pyrethrum is Allowed with Restrictions for Crop NOP Rule: 205.206(e), Allowed for Livestock NOP Rule: 205.105, Allowed with Restrictions for Processing Handling NOP Rule: 205.271(c) as per the OMRI Generic Materials List 2015.