The ‘home of happiness’, Fiji, is renowned for its tropical waters, pretty palm trees and luxurious beachside villas. 


Two hundred and five kilometres south of Nadi, one of Fiji’s main cities, is a 3,500-acre island that will surpass your expectations of luxury – on every level. 


Laucala Island is home to the aptly named, Laucala Island Resort, a member of The Leading Hotels of the World; and deservedly so. A fusion of traditional Fijian style, contemporary comfort and first-class amenities, the 25 private villas on the island’s northern tip are uncommonly luxurious. 


Leading London-based interior designer Lynne Hunt styled the villas, drawing inspiration from the breathtaking natural landscape of Laucala Island.


The one, two and three bedroom villas all feature their own swimming pool, private beach access and large outdoor decking areas. While each villa is exceedingly opulent in its own right, it’s the Peninsula Clifftop Villa, which is the epitome of splendour. 


Nestled on the cliff side, the panoramic beach views from this villa are unparalleled; and the interior is just as stunning. Locally sourced wood and fibres have been incorporated into the design, finished with vases of wild orchids harvested from the island’s natural rain forest.


That’s the beauty of Laucala; it is 100 per cent sustainable and dedicated to offering the freshest resources, ingredients and produce from its farms. Everything from fruit and vegetables to poultry and cattle is sourced on the island. 


With five exclusive restaurants nestled around the island, there’s plenty of variety in how this fresh produce is used. 


With top international chefs from Europe and Asia manning the kitchens, guests at Laucala can enjoy a diverse range of Western, Asian and local cuisines. 


The Beach Bar will serve barbequed barramundi, freshly caught from the ocean. The Rock Lounge offers cocktails as enticing as the scenic views of Seagrass Bay, while the Plantation House features a gourmet menu and wine list in a colonial-style replica mansion. 


While the temptation of spending all day lazing by your private pool or exclusive slice of beach might be difficult to resist, Laucala offers an alluring range of leisure activities for its guests. 


The most notable of which is the 18-hole championship golf course, designed by award-winning Scotsman David McLay-Kidd. Golfers of all skill levels will be in awe of the stunning course, which is set among the natural mountains, valleys and plantations of the island. 


If you prefer exploring the sea from a fish-eye’s view, Fiji is home to some of the most beautiful marine environments and Laucala offers snorkelling and scuba diving for guests to explore the pristine waters from within. Or, you could opt for a more luxurious ride in the DeepFlight Super Falcon Submarine!


Of course, no resort is complete without a Day Spa. Laucala is home to the Spa Suites, where you can enjoy a tailored experience with relaxation techniques based on the island’s natural resources. Treatments include hot stones, massages, scrubs and reflexology.


Laucala Island Resort is committed to delivering exclusive luxury, which combines all the modern hotel services and amenities with the culture and grace of traditional Fijian hospitality. 


A stay at this premier resort is all-inclusive, encompassing accommodation, fine dining and leisure activities, with prices starting from US$4,600 (one-bedroom), US$7,700 (two-bedroom) and US$9,600 (three-bedroom) per night. 


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