I think the number one challenge or obstacle that MOST women I come into contact with in regards to achieving any goal, is the perceived notion that they do not have ‘enough motivation’ or ‘willpower’.

Human behaviour dictates that the first two to three weeks of any new program or course is met with enthusiasm and dedication, but it starts to wane once the novelty has worn off and the reality sets in. Once that novelty has worn off, those old habits tend to creep back in, often leaving you feeling a bit like a ‘failure’ for once again NOT being able to stick to a program. Does this sound familiar?


In the past couple of months I have been asked over and over again, ‘how do I stay motivated and consistent towards achieving my goals?’

Well, I have the answer, but it’s a very long one, so I have turned the answer into a five-week course (yes the irony of this is NOT lost on me!).


I have created The Stickability Bootcamp, which is specifically designed to teach you how to self-generate high levels of motivation and willpower, stay consistent, and focus your energy so that you can achieve ANY goal you set your mind to.

Saying ‘I have no motivation or willpower’ is a big fat lie. The truth is you DO have the motivation and you DO have the willpower, but you just haven’t been taught how to tap into it effectively.

So, if motivation, willpower or the inability to be consistent is a problem in your life, then I highly suggest you check out the following link: http://nardianorman.com/go/stickability-bootcamp  


Article by Nardia Norman