Have you thought about what causes you stress?

When I feel overwhelmed with anything in my work or life, I stop, breathe and take control. In this situation I usually write a list of what needs to be done and that helps me regain a sense of control. Then I think, ‘How the heck did I get myself in

this predicament?’ And guess what? In the majority of cases this feeling is caused by me! So next time you’re in a similiar situation, consider these three tips.


1. Don’t make agreements you don’t want to make, or won’t be able to keep 


Are you saying ‘yes’ to more than you can realistically complete? You’ll probably lighten up a lot if you just lower your standards a little. It’s a good idea to consider saying ‘no’ a little more often.


2. Complete your agreements 


Think how you’d feel if you completely finished your to-do list. Of course, within a few days you’d probably end up with a

bigger list from all the enthusiasm and energy you’d generate from finishing the current one!


3. Renegotiate your agreements


A renegotiated agreement is not a broken agreement – it’s going back to correct a contract if your priorities, interests or

commitments have changed. But, here’s the big problem with this one for many of us: it’s impossible to renegotiate

agreements with yourself if you can’t remember you made them.


I challenge you to try these steps for 30 days, and let me know how you go.


Article by Heidi di Santo