Heidi Di Santo discusses a new method for anxiety management.


According to Beyond Blue, anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia. On average, one

in four people will experience anxiety at some stage in their life with the prevalence higher in women than

men. It's is a growing problem.


As a therapist, I specialise in helping people with their unwanted emotions and the vast majority of people I

see experience anxiety. Many people manage their condition by avoiding the situations that trigger it. Things

like flying, driving and being social. Sadly, they scale back on life in order to cope. Others have tried

medication, but don't like relying on a pill long term, nor do they like the 'numbed out' often weight

promoting side effects.


While many people benefit from traditional therapies, for some (like myself) it just wasn't enough. Many

years ago I found myself in a dark hole emotionally and tried mainstream therapy. It certainly helped me to a

certain extent, however I found that anxiety did eventually rule my life.


Disillusioned, I went on a persistent and relentless search to find a better way to live life. I wanted the old

me back – a me who could laugh and smile (without pretence), and feel at peace without medication.

Thankfully, I stumbled across a revolutionary new form of therapy called Resource Therapy; and it really

worked for me.


Resource Therapy has been created by psychologist Dr Gordon Emmerson, and I now use this method as

another tool to help others who feel ruled by anxiety. I've also been personally trained by Dr Emmerson as

a Resource Therapy Trainer, and so teach this life-changing therapy to other professionals.


Whenever someone experiences emotions that don't match the present day situation, it's a signal to me that

something has gone on in the past that needs to be healed. There's typically a 'part' within, which needs

help as it's carrying 'unwanted past stuff' that it needs to let go of, in order to be free. Anxiety is often these

parts coming up for healing.


Resource Therapists help people to process the feelings that keep interrupting the present day, such as with

anxiety and depression. In layman terms, it's not a talking-based therapy, but moreso a feeling based 

method. They are highly trained and very skilled at finding and working with the part that has the problem so

it can find peace.


There are already a few pioneering psychologists and counsellors who have incorporated Resource Therapy

into their work. I know this trend will continue as people experience the benefits of this new therapy first-hand.


The great thing about Resource Therapy is that it is yet another strategy we can use in a bid to help alleviate

the anxiety that so many of us experience on a day-to-day basis.


If you're struggling with anxiety, sign up for my FREE anxiety training here. Or if you're a therapist and want

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