Sydney’s famous City2Surf fun run has quickly come upon us and is just under a week away! This popular event held annually in August attracts people from all over the world and covers a 14 kilometre course starting in the City and finishing at Bondi Beach.




Ben Lucas owner of Flow Athletic and five times ultra endurance runner shares his advice on what to do a week before a running event.


Decrease your mileage

Training too much before race day could actually be counterproductive. You don’t want to be feeling tired, energy depleted and sore before the run has even begun. Training should be about “storing up” so your legs are ready to power through the race. This means consistently doing shorter runs to keep your legs feeling fresh.



Hydration is key and you should be drinking at least two litres of water everyday. Consuming the correct amount of water just a few days before wont maintain the hydration your body needs to run the race. After you have finally completed the run make sure to re-hydrate, refuel and celebrate an amazing achievement!


Eat smart to fill the tank

When it comes to food, keep it healthy and nutritionally balanced. Make sure to include a source of low-GI carbohydrate in every meal as it gives you long lasting energy, easily digested and keeps you fuller for longer. My personal favourite meals include porridge and fruit for breakfast or grilled chicken, sweet potato and veggies for dinner. Try and eat breakfast around two hours before racing to give your body enough time to digest the food, provide nutrients and energy.


Sleep well

Give yourself the best chance to have as much sleep and rest as possible. Sleeping allows your body to rebuild and restore muscles. A week prior, try to avoid plans that are late in the evening and head to bed early. Lastly, avoid sleep disrupting foods like caffeine or alcohol that could cause a terrible rest.


Get organised

You have prepared physically for the race and now its time to plan the little details that could have a huge impact on your performance. Read up on the race day details such as the what time you need to arrive and registration details. Plan the outfit you will wear on the day and this should be something comfortable that you have trained in before. This will avoid any unwanted surprises that will slow you down.